Product Type: HAZELNUT

Min. Purc. Amt.: 20-24 TONS

Size: 1X20 FT

Shipping to: ALL COUNTRIES

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Hazelnut, which is a quality source of energy, is a nut that is often consumed in different varieties around the world. It is known to be good for colds, beneficial for lung diseases, and beautifying the skin, making it one of the most popular nuts in the world. They did say ”A handful of hazelnuts a day keeps the doctor away” for a reason. Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Spain, the United States, and Greece are the top hazelnut-producing countries. Although hazelnut is produced in the Former Soviet Union, Iran, Romania, and France, these nations do not contribute much to the global hazelnut trade.  The global hazelnut output varies according to the meteorological conditions from year to year. Global production has increased in lockstep with Turkey’s production. While Turkey’s average in-shell production is 350-400 000 tons, this figure has recently risen to 500 000 tons. Italy and Spain, two other key producing countries, produce between 100-125 000 and 15-25 000 tons, respectively. To meet domestic demand, the United States consumes the majority of its own hazelnut crop and imports hazelnut kernel. However, by increasing output in recent years, it has become a significant hazelnut exporting country (25 000 tons).


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