Min. Purc. Amt. 20-24 TONS

Size:  1X20 FT

Product Type: ALMONDS

Shipping to : ALL COUNTRIES

Almonds are not just tasty, they’re healthy as well. They include a variety of vital elements and can be a decent source of protein for those who eat a plant-based diet. Almonds are high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber so they have many health benefits. Almonds nut for sale

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Almonds might be the world’s perfect snack. You may not have considered how almonds are propagated, cultivated, harvested, or processed when eating them in their “natural state” as almond butter, roasted and seasoned, almond and rice crackers, almond milk, almond, or any of the many different ways. They typically grow and thrive in Mediterranean climates. Their optimum growth region is one with dry, hot summers and plenty of sunlight. They benefit from a wet winter, although they are particularly vulnerable to frost. When it comes to global production, Netherlands is the 6th in producing almonds. In 2020, the combined exports of shelled and in-shell almonds by country totaled US$6.54 billion. This amount indicates a 0.5 percent growth for all almond shippers over five-years beginning in 2018 when exported almonds were valued at $6.51 billion.

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