Min. Purc. Amt.: 10 TON

Product Type: CHESTNUT

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Chestnut has a hard-shelled structure. For this reason, chestnuts are consumed by peeling off or cutting their shells. Chestnut shells can be consumed raw after being cut, but they are generally consumed by cooking in a pan or the oven. In addition, very delicious desserts can be made with chestnuts. Among these sweets, the most popular and the most delicious is chestnut candy. Honey can also be produced from chestnuts. Honey produced from chestnuts is not only very valuable but also beneficial and delicious for health. Chestnut, which is consumed during the winter months, also has many health benefits. Chestnuts are rich in protein and vitamins A, C, and E. In addition, it is a rich mineral source in terms of calcium, potassium, and iron minerals. Thanks to the vitamin C in the chestnut content, it helps to strengthen the immune system. However, chestnuts have high carbohydrate and starch content. Therefore, they should not be consumed excessively.


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