Wood Pellet Fuel

Shipping to : All Countries

Min. Purc. Amt. : 10 Ton

Product Type : Pellet Fuel

Size: Various

Pellet is the name given to the form shaped by high-pressure drying, grinding, and compressing of industrial and agricultural wastes. Pellet fuel is also referred to as a type of biofuel. The pellet can be made from a variety of biomass, including wood from energy plants, wood waste, seeds, nut shells, and straw.

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Pellet fuel is a method of converting millions of tons of waste from landfills into energy. Pellet fuel is a modern, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuels and it is regarded as eco-friendly, and convenient. It can be used in biomass heating systems as well as industrial combustion systems. Biomass is an important energy source considering that it is the world’s fourth largest energy source. Pellet fuel can be divided into two types: wood pellets and agricultural waste pellets. The most common type of pellet fuel is wood pellets, which are typically made from compressed sawdust. Pellets are typically 6 to 8 mm in diameter and 10 to 12 mm in length. Pellets have become available for purchase; they are also used in residential and workplace heating, individual stoves and solid fuel floor heaters, process water heating in student dormitories, and some small and medium-sized businesses. They are also employed to heat larger areas such as hospitals. Producing and utilizing pellets both prevents environmental pollution and reduces the country’s economic reliance on foreign sources. In fact, pellet fuel has been actively used for about 40 years in the world. In Turkey, pellet production started in Zonguldak province. You can import pellet fuel made from the highest quality materials from Turkish Goods.


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