Sunflower Oil

Refined Sunflower oil for sale.

Min. Purc. Amt. : 10 Ton

Product Type : Sunflower Oil

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Non GMO Refined Sunflower oil for sale.

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Non GMO Refined Sunflower oil for sale.

Sunflower, one of the most important oil plants in the world, is the oil plant with the highest cultivation area and production in Turkey. 50% of crude vegetable oil production in Turkey is met from sunflowers. It has wide adaptability and is very suitable for mechanization and other production methods. These reasons make sunflower the most important oil plant for Turkey.


World sunflower seed import is 2.1 million tons according to the average., and Netherland  takes first place in imports, followed by the EU. World sunflower oil export is around 8.8 million tons according to the average of the last five years. Turkey realizes more than 3% of the world’s sunflower production, which is 42 million tons, with 1,3 thousand tons of sunflower production compared to the average of the last ten years. Although it changes according to the years in Netherland, sunflowers are planted on an area of approximately 530-690 thousand hectares. A continuous increase in vegetable oil consumption is observed in Turkey as a result of both rapid population growth and increased consumption per capita.

Refined Sunflower oil for sale


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