DAP (Di-ammonium Phosphate/ Diammonium hydrogen phosphate/ Ammonium phosphate dibasic/Ammonium hydrogen phosphate/ Di-Ammonium hydrogen orthophosphate/ Diammonium Phosphate/Phosphorus ICP standard solution Fluka) is easily soluble in water and used as a high effective nitrogen and phosphate – two of the macro-nutrients fertilizer in agriculture. It is also used in producing NPK compound fertilizers & BB fertilizers as a basic raw material .

DAP granular is produced by granulation process for base-dressing, top-dressing for deeply application directly. DAP does not contain chloride and is widely used for all kinds of plants and soil.


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diammonium phosphate fertilizer

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer For Sale 18-46-0 15-42-0 17-40-0+8S+0.5Zn
Total P 46% Min 42% Min 40% Min
Total N 18% Min 15% Min 17% Min
Water soluble P2O5 41% Min 36% Min 35.5% Min
Moisture 2.5% Max 2.5% Max 2.5% Max
Size 2-4mm 90% Min 90% Min 90% Min
S 8% Min
Zn 0.5% Min

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer For Sale

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